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What's Preventing PrEP?

What’s Preventing PrEP?

Vulnerable populations that are most impacted by HIV infection are underutilizing PrEP

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HIV Telehealth Services: Benefits and Best Practices

How can healthcare professionals continue the successful use of telehealth services post-pandemic

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Preventing HIV Discrimination in Work Environments

Following federal, state, and local laws, and implementing HIV policies can help protect individuals from HIV discrimination and stigma at work

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Help HIV Patients Advocate for Their Health

Connect patients to resources to help them learn to live with HIV

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HIV Patient Assistance & Support Programs

Help patients connect to HIV medication coverage and access resources

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Considerations in Switching HIV Medicines

Review clinical guidelines for optimizing antiretroviral therapy in treatment-experienced patients

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Addressing Gaps in HIV Care

Continued efforts are needed in reaching national HIV treatment goals

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Working With Treatment-Experienced Patients

Help people living with HIV who are experiencing treatment challenges

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Polypharmacy and HIV

Address challenges with polypharmacy and related adverse health effects

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Working With ASOs to Help Patients Adhere

Link HIV patients to available support to help them address treatment barriers

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The Voices Behind HIV Care

Perspectives on treatment, challenges, and successes 

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HIV and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Review interim guidance for treating people living with HIV regarding COVID-19

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Mental Health During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ways to address mental health care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Help Patients Manage HIV Health

Help patients manage their health over time


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Tools to Support Patient-Provider Dialogue

Find discussion guides online that may help encourage patient-provider communication

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HOPE Survey

Understand how patients and HCPs prioritize treatment goals and how this impacts patients' experiences with treatment 

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Challenges of Aging With HIV

HIV treatment may improve life expectancy, but challenges remain

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From Patient Education to Patient Empowerment

Help patients make healthy treatment decisions

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Preserving the Health of Women and Girls

Help women take charge of their health

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HIV Care Along the Age Spectrum

Consider barriers and strategies for patients of all ages

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Stigma Associated
With HIV

How stigma and discrimination impact people living with HIV

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Strengthen Connections With Patients With HIV

Foster long-term relationships with patients in your care

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Adherence to the Continuum of Care

Help patients adhere along the care continuum, from diagnosis through suppression

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