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Exploring issues that affect specific HIV populations and cultures

Community Spotlight


Preserving the Health of Women and Girls

Women and girls account for roughly one in four people living with HIV in the United States.1 Some are disproportionately affected: in 2015, 61 percent of women living with HIV were African American, 19 percent white, and 15 percent Hispanic/Latina.1 Often, HIV-positive women face social and economic challenges that may make them vulnerable to poor health and less likely than men to receive an early HIV diagnosis or antiretroviral therapy (ART).2 Heatlhcare professionals are in a unique position to empower women with important health information, skills training, and connections to support services and medical care.2


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2. A guide to the clinical care of women with HIV, 2013 Edition. Health Resources and Services Administration website. Published September 2013. Accessed March 16, 2017.

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